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Albert Consulting Group is dedicated to our goal of building the top IT consulting and staffing...

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Job Seekers

Albert Consulting Group recruiters serve as career counselors and personal livelihood advisors which...

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Albert Consulting Group customer service managers go above and beyond the call of duty to see...

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SEND Analysis

Accompanying every submitted candidate is our SEND Analysis, a quick overview of the key capabilities and how those match our clients’ objectives:

Albert Consulting Group: Our SEND Analysis accompanies every candidate


Screen for the relevant capabilities of the candidate’s skills, experience, education, location preferences and availability of the candidate as required by the client’s job description.


Evaluate the candidate’s technical skills and capabilities along with the candidate’s interpersonal and soft skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork and attitude required for the job.


Navigate the overall evaluation process by providing a summary of the overall capabilities of the candidate, including any special factors that the hiring manager would find important in deciding whether a candidate is a good fit for the organization.


Deliver the ideal candidate or consultant within the rate or salary range directed from the client and in-line with the candidate's salary or rate expectations. Albert Consulting Group believes that taking care of these details at the beginning of the process avoids delays, disappointments and time wasted when an offer is made.

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