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Albert Consulting Group is dedicated to our goal of building the top IT consulting and staffing...

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Albert Consulting Group recruiters serve as career counselors and personal livelihood advisors which...

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Albert Consulting Group customer service managers go above and beyond the call of duty to see...

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The Process

The Albert Consulting Group recruiting process is tested and proven:



Albert Consulting Group: Our tested and proven recruiting process

Relationship Based Recruiting | Albert Consulting Group professionals value developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients, candidates and consultants. Outstanding results are derived from understanding our client’s industry, company structure, culture and technical objectives. The value delivery is a concentrated recruiting effort to identify the best consultants and candidates for the job.

Technology, Social Networking and Results Based Recruiting | Albert Consulting Group professionals use the latest advanced technology and social networking resources available to find strong candidates for our client’s positions. However, our greatest result based recruiting asset is our extensive network of professionals in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Many of our contacts are not actively seeking new employment which translates into top-notch talent accessible only through Albert Consulting Group.


The Interview Process | before Albert Consulting Group professionals submit a candidate for review, both recruiter and consultant service manager interview the candidate in-person or when necessary by video/web cam. Albert Consulting Group recruiters serve as career counselors and personal livelihood advisors which permits our recruiters to listen and factor-in each of our candidate’s career, family and personal needs. This opens the door to building a stronger long-term relationship with each of our candidate customers. Through open discourse, we determine the candidate’s preference for contracting, contract-to hire or permanent employment. After our thorough screening we submit the candidate using the SEND Analysis to help our clients assess each candidate. Accompanying the SEND Analysis is the candidate's resume, always in a neat and precise format.

Reference Checking | Candidates/Consultants selected to interview undergo a complete reference check by an Albert Consulting Group team member. When completed the reference check results are then shared with the client to either reinforce compatibility or highlight the best candidate submitted.


SEND Analysis | Based on more than 20 years of IT and IT Staffing experience, Richard Albert, the founder of Albert Consulting Group developed an industry-best method for providing clients with a quick overview of the key capabilities of the candidates or consultants submitted and how those capabilities match our Client’s needs. This method is called the SEND Analysis and it accompanies the resume of each candidate we submit. The Albert Consulting Group SEND Analysis minimizes the amount of time clients need to spend determining if the candidate is a right match. The SEND Analysis is also a great value-add to the candidates, by differentiating themselves from other candidates. We genuinely believe that the SEND Analysis is the fastest and most effective tool to maximize our client’s time by evaluating and deciding which candidate or consultant to interview and hire.

RESUME Quality | All resumes sent with the SEND Analysis are formatted according to the Albert Consulting Group standard. Expect a quality standard, clean document that is easy to read and evaluate.

Following Through | the Albert Consulting Group service manager will set up all client directed activities, introduce candidates on in-person interviews and follow through on all activities, leaving no strings untied. Albert Consulting Group will facilitate negotiations, allowing both the client and candidate to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.


Performance Monitoring | Albert Consulting Group is all about ongoing support of our client, candidate and consultant customers. We stand behind our service and are confident that our candidates and consultants will exceed expectations. If at any time there is an issue involving our placed consultants, we are ready to help resolve the problem. Because we stay connected and involved with our clients and consultants long after the start date, we are in position to intervene appropriately. Diligent performance monitoring and continued service to our clients is how Albert Consulting Group outshines our competition.

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